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Become a DJ

Show your salsa music skills by broadcasting live to over 200k worldwide listeners.  Join the team of Salsa Warriors DJ's.  Our Salsa Warriors DJs are from various countries broadcasting right from their homes to our 200k  listeners worldwide.

Policy and Regulations

In order to join Salsa Warriors as a DJ, please adhere to the following policy and regulations,

  1. DJ's must be referred by a Salsa Warriors' DJ.  Salsa Warriors references only.

  2. DJs are expected to begin broadcasting their radio programs on their regular scheduled day and time.  DJ's may have more than one show if they wish.

  3. Advertising spots must be rotated during the DJ live Shows.  DJs will be notified when to remove the AD and discontinue the rotation.  DJ's are not allowed to play commercials that are not clients of Salsa Warriors.  Failure to following this policy can result in canceling your DJ Membership.

  4. DJ's can earn commission getting advertisers on our radio station.  Earn a little cash with Salsa Warriors.

  5. The only acceptable music format to be broadcasted on the air is Salsa, Charanga, Cha Cha Cha, Classic Mambo, Guaguanco, Guajira, Son Montuno, Boogaloo, Latin Soul and ShingaLing.  Other music formats are restricted for broadcasting. Broadcasting a live recording is acceptable however the audio quality must be clear, not hissy, and cannot sound like a concert hall (i.e Echo).

  6. DJ's must have a broadcasting encoder with their DJ software to encode their Salsa show.  This takes several minutes to set up with our technical support.

  7. DJ's should avoid using Wi-Fi when broadcasting live.  DJ's should connect their computers via ethernet cable to their modem or router.  This will prevent encoders from disconnecting and buffering problems.  Internet speed should be at least 100mbps upstream and 100mbps downstream.

  8. All DJs are required to pay monthly dues.  This is to pay the royalties to PRO's (Performing Rights Organization).

  9. DJs who are 30 days delinquent will have their encoder disable and will not be able to broadcast live on Salsa Warriors.  DJs who have not paid their membership dues for 3 months will have membership cancel and would have to reapply.  DJs may lose their timeslot and must select a new available timeslot.

  10. DJ's must submit a 60-Minutes Demo in MP3 format for review.

Please fill out the form below to join Salsa Warriors' DJ Team.  Your DJ form will take at least 2 to 3 days for review.

DJ Form

Thank You. We Received Your Submission. When Your Form is Approved, You Will Receive the Terms and Services Via Your Email.  Someone From Our Office Will Contact You. If You Did Not Hear From Us Within 24-48 Hours, Use The Contact Us Section.

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